How You Can Help

There are many ways in which you can assist the school:

  • Donate Money
  • Join the Teacher Sponsorship Program
  • Send Supplies or Equipment
  • Visit or Volunteer at the School
  • Volunteer Online or in Your Home Country
  • School Partnerships

Please contact us if you would like to help.

Students and visitors having fun

Having fun


We receive little outside support, and your donation will help us to keep the school running.

Regular or one-off donations could be used to pay the staff, buy books, school materials, food, clothes, medical supplies and footwear for the children, benches for the classrooms and to maintain the school building.


The easiest way to donate is using PayPal.



As PayPal cannot be linked to a Liberian bank account, donations will go to Lena and Anders Marner, a Swedish couple who have visited the school, who will arrange for the money to be transferred to the school’s account.

If you prefer, money can be transferred directly to the school’s bank account or sent through Western Union or MoneyGram. Please note that money transfer fees may apply.

Bank account details:
Help Liberia Foundation Community School
Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia
Swift Code: ECOCLRLM

Mr. Harry posing with staffers at the end of a teachers’ workshop held last year.

Mr. Harry posing with teachers at the end of a teachers’ workshop held last year.


If you would like to make a regular donation you may wish to join our Teacher Sponsorship Program

One of our biggest challenges is paying our teachers. They are a very committed group of people who work hard to give our students a better future. We want to pay them at least US$40 a month, and hope to increase this when we are able to do so. However, due to lack of funds we are usually unable to pay them even this minimum amount.

We ask for a regular contribution but you can choose your own amount, there is no minimum or maximum. Your money will not go to a specific teacher but will be split between them all, meaning that everyone benefits from your donation. Although you will not be paired with an individual teacher, you will receive occasional updates and pictures from teachers at the school.

As with general donations, you may send money through PayPal, directly to the school’s bank account or via Western Union or MoneyGram. Please also contact us to say that you would like your donation to be part of the Teacher Sponsorship Program.

Students with donated books


We are happy to receive donations of items for the school and students.

These could include: pens and pencils, writing books, colouring books, kindergarten materials, reading books, educational posters, wall clocks, backpacks, toys, sewing machines, typewriters, used shoes and clothes.

Before sending, please contact us to confirm that the items are suitable for the school.

P-O observing trainees practicing judo

A visitor teaching judo


We welcome people from Liberia and around the world to visit the school.

If you enjoy interacting with children you could visit us and spend time talking to the students about your country and culture, or help us to run a sport, drama or art session.


We are looking for volunteers who have practical experience of teaching academic and vocational subjects at primary level, training teachers, and school administration.

Our boys before the start of the football match

The boys football team. The football kit was donated by visitors to the school.


As well as volunteering at the school, you can also help us from home. Depending on your skills and interests, you could assist with fundraising, publicity, identifying potential donor organisations and finding sponsors for the teachers.


We would like to create a link with one or more partner/twin schools. The main purpose of the partnership would be to share information between teachers and students by exchanging letters and working together on joint projects.