Sponsor A Student

Would you like to sponsor a child at our school?

Sponsorship costs US$7 per month (US$84 per year). You may sponsor as an individual, a family, company, church or any other group/organisation.

Sponsored children do not pay tuition fees, and the money is used to pay the school staff.

The following children are looking for a sponsor:

You and your sponsored child will communicate through the school. We will send you information including letters, photos and progress reports at least twice a year. You may send letters, photos, cards etc to the child as often as you wish as the school encourages sponsors and sponsored children to interact regularly.

You may also send small amounts of gift money to your child at any time. This could be for the purchase of school materials, birthday or Christmas presents, clothes, food or any other purpose decided by you.

If you are visiting Liberia, you are welcome to visit the school and meet your sponsored child. Please contact us to arrange this.

We hope you will sponsor the child until they leave our school, and you may also continue to do so through secondary school if you wish. You may of course end your sponsorship at any time and in that case we will inform the child and its parents, and look for a new sponsor.

If you wish to sponsor a child, please complete the form below.

Once we have confirmed your sponsorship, you can send your payment using PayPal, or transfer money directly to the school’s bank account or via Western Union/MoneyGram. Please note that as money transfer fees may apply, you may prefer to send your payment quarterly or annually instead of monthly.


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