Monthly Archives: October 2011

School Conducts Teachers Workshop

Yes, the new school year has started, and the children and the teachers and other staff members are working together to have a successful academic year.

However, before the start of the school year on September 5, Help Liberia Foundation Community School held a two-day teachers’ workshop – from Wednesday, August 31, to Thursday, September 1 – on the school’s campus.


Four lecturers were invited to conduct the workshop, which was aimed at professionally preparing the teachers before entering the classroom and molding the minds of the kids, but only three agreed to come – Mr. Andrew Garsuah, Mr. Joseph Garnio and Mr. Isaiah Ceegar.

Mr. Ceegar lectured on Lesson Planning; Mr. Garsuah presented on Classroom Management, and Mr. Garnio lectured on Teaching Methodology. The workshop was needful for the teachers. The inter-activity of the presentations of the topics made it even more interesting.

We have planned to conduct another workshop for the teachers before the start of the second semester, which will be in February 2012.

Our heartfelt thanks to the lecturers who presented, to the teachers who made use of the presentations and the support staff members who prepared the food and other things for the workshop. Of course, we cannot forget to mention all those who continue to support the school directly or indirectly.

School Starts New Academic Year

Help Liberia Foundation Community School has officially commenced its 2011/2012 academic year.

The school year, which began on Monday, 5 September, saw the coming together of old and new students and old and new teachers. Although classes began on September 5, orientation was held on Friday, September 2, opening the year-long interactions that will go on between the kids and the staff.

At the start of the school year in early September, there were 104 students. Now, there are 140 kids, and there are signs that many will come in later. The school operates kindergarten and primary divisions.

This is the sixth year of the school’s existence. It was established in 2005 to help provide education to the underprivileged children in the community, and the school continues to help in that direction, as scores of children and their parents depend on the school for their education and, therefore, their future.

Our profound gratitude to all those who are helping or have helped us to provide the kind of assistance we are providing for the kids to go to school in a society where illiteracy rate is very high.