Monthly Archives: October 2020

HLF Puts Ceilings Up

The Board of Directors of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan has placed ceilings in the auditorium of the school, as well as two other classrooms.

Mats were placed there long time ago, but since they spoiled, the place had been open, with the students feeling the heat when the sun is hot. The placement of the ceilings in the auditorium and the two classrooms means the students have been liberated from the heat that usually directly came down from the zinc. This is a great relief, although there are other classes in which ceilings have not been placed.

Funds for the purchase and placements of the ceilings came from our sponsors in Sweden, through Lena Anders. We are grateful to all of our friends and sponsors who continue to help the school in Buchanan.

HLF School Loses Two Students

With a very heavy heart, we wish to announce that two of our students have passed away.

Naomi Karr

Both of them – a boy and a girl – died last month. The girl, ten years old, was called Naomi Karr, while the boy, 13 years old, was called Stanley Taylor.

Stanley Taylor

They both died from malaria, and they have been buried.

Our condolences go to the families of the two kids.