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Pictorial of Some Classroom-related Activities at HLF School During the Past School Year

Pictorial of Some Classroom-related Activities at HLF School During the Past School Year

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Update on Annex Construction – Part 2

We wish to inform all of those who contributed toward the construction of the two-classroom annex that the project is nearing completion. Special thanks to Mike Nilsson and Marijke Silander who raised and sent the balance funds needed for the project’s completion.

Carpenters roofing the building

Carpenters roofing the building

This is what we have been able to do since our last update in March:

  1. We bought and laid the remaining blocks, including those above the leanto.
  2. We bought and laid the colomos at the windows.
  3. We bought planks and roofed the structure.
  4. We put carbolin on the planks to prevent them from being eaten by bugs.
  5. We bought zinc and zincked the annex
  6. etc.

The floor and the plastering are being done.

Annex being zincked

Annex being zincked

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HLF School to Reopen this Month

We wish to inform all friends and well-wishers of Help Liberia Foundation Community School that the school will be reopening this month for the 2015/2016 academic year.

Cross-section of kids and staff on the first day of school

Children and staff on opening day in March 2015

As you may recall, the school year that started in March of this year abruptly ended in July as a result of a pronouncement from the government. The government termed it “condensed school year” because the ten-month school year was not exhausted.

Registration is ongoing at the school, and classes will start on Monday, September 14, if all goes well. The school year, which is beginning this month, will end in July of 2016.

As we start this new school year, we wish to thank all of you who helped the school and the kids during the condensed school year. We would also like to encourage you and others to stand with us as we strive to give the kids a better future.