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HLF School Closes, Graduates 13 Students

Our school in Buchanan closed a few weeks ago, graduating 13 kindergarten students in the process.

Cross-section of the graduates

The closing of the school means that it has officially ended the 2018/2019 school year, which started in September of 2018. The closing program coincided with the graduation ceremonies of the Kindergarten Department. Thirteen students graduated in all – eight girls and five boys.

The program was attended by school administrators, teachers, parents, family members, community residents, and well-wishers.

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We are thankful to all of our friends and sponsors who helped us to have a successful school year, especially to those in Sweden and Great Britain. We also thank our parents who entrusted their children into our care.

As we plan to start a new school year next month, September, we appeal to our friends and sponsors in Sweden and Great Britain, as well as other places, to help us give education to some of the disadvantaged kids in Buchanan. We are able to do what we are doing for the kids because of your assistance.