Monthly Archives: April 2011

New Desks For HLF Children

In the wake of the shortage of desks in our school in Liberia as was announced last year, our foundation has fixed new desks for the children.

The desks, totaling 24, have all been completed and are being used by the students. Our original plan, which was about making 50 new desks with each seating 2 students, was changed and 24 desks were made, with each seating at least 4 students. Depending on the size of the kids, some sit five on the desks.

At the moment, we are pleased to announce that we have no seating problem, at least not in our classrooms. The 24 new desks, added to some of the old ones repaired by us, have solved our no-enough-desk problem for now. There are enough desks for all the children in the school.

We wish to thank all our sponsors and donors whose assistance has enabled us to solve what was a serious problem in the school for more than a year.

Special thanks to Mary Smith of England, a member of the foundation and Facilitator of the school’s activities/projects on Nabuur, for her moral and financial contributions toward the desk project. She’s truly a partner in progress.