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Second Update on Fundraising

Dear friends, as was promised a few days ago, we are pleased to provide you with the second update on progress made on the annex fundraising.

Female teacher Philemina teaching in class

Female teacher Philemina teaching in class

You will recall that, as per the first update, a total of $800.00 was raised between July 28 and August 11. Well, additional donations were made between August 12 and 21. During the period under review, a total of $575 was raised, but $20.15 was deducted as service fees.

In summary, between July 28 and August 21, a total of $1,375 was raised from eight persons: Pepperadventure AB, Anders Marner, Fredrik Hulten, Mary Smith, Lena Marner, Tauno Silander, Maria Nilsson, and Elisabeth Thorne. From this amount, a total of $50.75 was deducted as service fees.

This means the total on hand and kept by our Swedish friends (Lena and Anders) is $1,324.25.

The total we wish to raise is about $1,500.

We extend our profound thanks to Pepperadventure AB, Anders Marner, Fredrik Hulten, Mary Smith, Lena Marner, Tauno Silander, Maria Nilsson, and Elisabeth Thorne for making us reach near the target.

The exercise continues.

Preliminary Update on Annex Project Fundraising

Dear friends and supporters of the school, we all started a fundraising exercise for the construction of an annex to accommodate the newly added seventh-grade classroom for the impending academic year.

K-3 children

Children in class

Well, at this juncture, we wish to provide you with this preliminary information, which is for the period between the time we launched the fundraising exercise (July 28) and August 11.

During the period under review, a total of $800 was raised from six (6) persons. Those who donated to the project during that time were Pepperadventure AB, Anders Marner, Fredrik Hulten, Mary Smith, Lena Marner, and Tauno Silander.

However, from this amount, a total of $30.60 was deducted as service charges. This means, the balance on hand at that time was $769.40. The fund is still with our Swedish friends.

Many thanks to all those who contributed up to August 11. We will provide you with another update in a few days.

Note: Information contained in this update was sent by Lena and Anders, our Swedish friends who are in charge of the PayPal account.

Updates on the Ebola Issue

First of all, my profound thanks to all of you who are concerned about the Ebola situation in our country and continue to remember us in your prayers. Some of you call or write to check how things are going and how we are doing in this crisis. I will make special mention of Catherine Gill-Jamieson, Elizabeth Thorne, David Turner, Lena Marner, Mary Smith, and Anders Marner. We appreciate your concern for humanity.

“Ebola Is Real” sign in Monrovia, Liberia (Photo: UN)

At this junction, permit me to provide some information on the Ebola issue in our country.

From all indications, it is safe to say that things are NOT getting better. Why do I say this? Well, first, there was no state of emergency. Then a state of emergency was announced. Second, there was no curfew. Now, one has been announced, and it is for the entire country, not just the capital city or a few cities. Third, two townships (one in Montserrado and one in Margibi) – West Point and Dolo Town – have been quarantined. Besides, not only are more and more people believed to be contracting the Ebola virus, but also more and more people are dying of the virus or suspected of dying of it. Fourth, the virus is spreading to more regions. For example, from the onset, the point of concentration was Lofa County. Now, we do not only talk about Lofa; we also talk about Montserrado, Bong, Bomi, Nimba, etc. Fifth, many individuals and institutions, including NGOs and members of the Liberian Legislature, are blaming/criticizing the government for doing little or nothing to prevent the spread of the virus or to help people who have contracted it. Surely, these are NOT signs that things are improving.

There was a clash between the residents of West Point and Liberian security forces yesterday (August 20). At least three people were seriously injured in the process. There are also reports that the prices of basic commodities increased in certain quarters, especially in West Point.

Another problem associated with the fight against the virus is the series of inconsistent and – sometimes illogical and irresponsible – pronouncements or information coming from the government or those connected with it. For instance, President Sirleaf announced a few weeks ago that all Ebola-related dead bodies should and would be cremated because, according to her, burying the bodies would contaminate our wells, waters, etc. But guess what? Dead bodies are being buried instead of being cremated. No one, not even the President, is talking about cremation anymore. The new argument is that the Ebola virus does not survive for long outside a living tissue — that it dies when the body is buried. But if this is true, then why did the President say that burying the dead body would contaminate our wells, waters, etc?

Anyway, there is some good news. For example, some of those who contracted the virus and were given early treatment at Ebola Isolation Centers have recovered, and they have been sent home. Some of them have spoken on the radio and on television. This, to me, indicates that if seriousness and cautiousness are applied, the virus can be kicked out of our land quicker than expected. Besides, more and more people are observing the safety measures announced by the government and our health workers.

It’s also worth mentioning that all schools, including colleges and universities, are closed for now. The government has announced that it will inform school authorities when schools should reopen. As indicated above, the government has imposed a 9pm-to-6am curfew in the country. It also announced that all video clubs and entertainment centers should be closed at 6pm. Also, not all those who are employed are going to work. Most of them, including those working with international non-governmental organizations, have been told to stay at home, saying that only “essential staff” should go to work.

By the way, many people are experiencing some very tough times during this period. In other words, things are very hard these days for a lot of people.

That’s all for now. More updates later — that is, if I manage to get online.

Note: In the next few days we will post an update on the annex project fundraising thus far. We register our apology for our inability to have done so by now.

Written by Paul Yeenie Harry (+231 880619323)