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Thank You, Anneli Hammarstrom!

We at Help Liberia Foundation Community School would like to express our deepest appreciation to Anneli Hammarstrom, a Swedish citizen who has made the humanitarian decision to donate a specific amount to the school every month for teacher’s support.

Anneli Hammarstrom

Anneli Hammarstrom

We are profoundly grateful to Anneli for this great assistance because getting money to pay teachers in our school which is virtually free is one of the most difficult problems we have faced over the years, so Anneli’s assistance has come at the right time.

Anneli lives in Vastera, Sweden. She is a classroom teacher who teaches English and Swedish,  and she teaches students with special needs, mostly in secondary schools.. Anneli got to know about the school through Lena Marner.

Like Lena Marner and many other Swedish citizens who are helping the school, Anneli really has Liberia to her heart. She lived with her parents in Buchanan from 1970 – 1973, when she was between 8-11 years old. She has not returned to Liberia since 1973, but she is planning to visit anytime soon.

Thank you, Anneli, for making the decision to help our school in this manner. We want you to know that we really appreciate this humanitarian gesture from you.

We would like to encourage you to encourage others to follow your example to and do what you are doing for the teachers in the school.

HLF School Closes, Graduates Four

Help Liberia Foundation Community School – a school established for the purpose of giving education to the underprivileged children of Liberia – has closed for the 2016/2017 school year.

The four kindergarten graduates being presented to the audience

The four kindergarten graduates being presented to the audience

The closing program, which occurred on Sunday, July 2, coincided with the graduation exercises of the Kindergarten Department of the school, with four kids graduating. Those who graduated will begin their primary-division journey, as they all are now in the first grade.

The occasion which brought together students, parents, teachers, administrators, and well-wishers was characterized by songs, recitations, jokes, speeches, and so forth.

P-T.A chairman certificating one of the graduating kids, as parents take pictures

P-T.A chairman certificating one of the graduating kids, as parents take pictures

Administration has set July 16 as the start date for the registration process of the new academic year (2017/2018), which will begin in September.

We strongly believe that educating the underprivileged children in the Liberian society is the best way to help them break the cycle of poverty and ignorance and give them a different future, a future that is better than what they find themselves in. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

A cross-section of the students during the program

A cross-section of the students during the program

It was in this regard that we embarked upon a journey a few years ago, a journey that seeks to help poor and disadvantaged kids in Liberia to get education, and we are extremely grateful to all those who are helping in their own ways to see this become a reality, and this includes all our Swedish and English friends and sponsors who are sponsoring some of the kids in the school.

For this year, we wish to express special thanks and appreciation to the following persons for their continuous assistance and encouragement to the school and the kids:

  1. David Turner
  2. Lena Marner and Anders Marner
  3. Mary Smith
  4. Anneli Hammarstrom, a Swedish citizen who has started donating some funds for teacher’s support
  5. Peter Malmberg
  6. EvaLi Lindgren and Jan Furtemark
  7. Christian Gromm
  8. Fredrick Hulten
  9. Johanna Asplund
  10. Maria Nilsson
Audience leaving at the end of the program

Audience leaving at the end of the program

Once again, many thanks to all the kids, the parents, the staff and the sponsors for helping the school have a successful school year. As we look forward to a new school year, we appeal to all of our friends and sponsors to continue to help the kids and the school.


HLF School Receives Easter Guests

The campus of our school in Buchanan was the scene of celebrations, games and interactions on Saturday, April 15, 2017, when some Swedish guests who had come to see the kids visited the school.

Guests and kids playing a Swedish game

Everyone connected with the school was elated. Although their visit occurred during the Easter Holiday, the kids, staff, parents and guardians, as well as excited residents of the community, thronged the campus to welcome and interact with the guests.

Kids interacting with the guests

The visitors, six in all, included the school’s Swedish Contact Person, Lena Thorne Marner (who was also the head of the delegation), Lotten Zetterstrom, Annaklara Zetterstrom, Frida Abrahamsson, Per Glimantsi, and Minna Brenner.

Kids playing games with the visitors

Not only did they bring toys, foot wear, clothes, school supplies, and sporting materials for the kids, they also played games with the kids and distributed some rice and candies among them. Lotten Zetterstrom also made a cash contribution from herself and one of her friends. Lotten and her husband lived in Yekepa where her husband worked with LAMCO in the 1960s. She was excited to be back in Liberia after more than fifty years, as she left Liberia in 1966.

Lena speaking at the program

Before their trip to the school, they had visited a few other places in Liberia, including Robertsport in Grand Cape Mount County, Yekepa in Nimba County and various places in Monrovia.

The guests (L-R) Lena, Minna, Zotten, Frida, Per, and Annaklara at the in-door program held inside the school building

They all have already safely returned to Sweden. We are thankful to them for their visit. We are also appreciative of the many gifts they brought for the school and the kids.

The guests and some of the staff

It is our hope that they will continue to remember the kids in the school.

(click on a picture below to see a slideshow).


March Update

We ended the first semester in February and closed for one week, but we reopened on February 18 to commence the second semester, which will end sometime in July.

A teacher explaining the lesson to two kids

As was indicated in a previous article, there aren’t many students in the school this year; however, we are grateful to God that the school is in operation. There are some new staff members, but the Principal is still Mr. Varney Gibson. The teachers are committed, and the kids come to school regularly.

A male teacher teaching one of the classes in the annex

We have just been informed that the Ministry of Education has some educational materials for the school, but, first, we have to pay US$50 to regularize our status, which is done every three years.

Kids sitting in the main school building

As indicated in past articles, one of the problems being faced by the school in Buchanan is the lack of camera to make photos regularly as was done in the past. Our Swedish sponsors and friends brought the school a camera about four years ago and it was kept at the school and used by a staffer responsible for photo taking, but it is no longer functioning properly, which makes it difficult for us to have pictures for updates.

Some kids in class in the annex

We managed to have it repaired a few weeks ago, but it has begun misbehaving again. Anyway, here are some activities at the school in pictures (click on a picture below to see a larger version).

HLF Kids Receive 2016 Christmas Gifts

Kids of our school in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, were the recipients of Christmas gifts on Friday, December 23, 2016. Of course, the staff of the school also benefited.

Kids in line to receive their food ration

Kids in line to receive their food ration

The Christmas presents comprised rice and vegetable oil, and it was the school’s way of saying “Merry Christmas!” to the kids and the staff of the school. The funds that made it possible for the food items to be purchased were donated by five friends of the school, namely, Lena and Ander Marner, Marie Beiliby, Camilla Flinkenbro, and Lenita Bjork Jansson.

Some of the kids standing in line to receive their portion

Some of the kids standing in line to receive their portion

We are extremely grateful to these five kindhearted individuals for helping to put smiles on the faces of the children and the staff of the school during the festive season.

Staff and Kids standing around the distribution spot

Staff and Kids standing around the distribution spot

As we begin 2017 this week, we wish to profoundly thank all friends and sponsors of the school for their wonderful assistance in 2016 and also extend them Happy New Year. It is our prayer and hope that we all will have a more prosperous 2017.

Staff members helping to organize the distribution

Staff members helping to organize the distribution

Staff members measuring food ration for kids

Staff members measuring food ration for kids