Monthly Archives: March 2017

March Update

We ended the first semester in February and closed for one week, but we reopened on February 18 to commence the second semester, which will end sometime in July.

A teacher explaining the lesson to two kids

As was indicated in a previous article, there aren’t many students in the school this year; however, we are grateful to God that the school is in operation. There are some new staff members, but the Principal is still Mr. Varney Gibson. The teachers are committed, and the kids come to school regularly.

A male teacher teaching one of the classes in the annex

We have just been informed that the Ministry of Education has some educational materials for the school, but, first, we have to pay US$50 to regularize our status, which is done every three years.

Kids sitting in the main school building

As indicated in past articles, one of the problems being faced by the school in Buchanan is the lack of camera to make photos regularly as was done in the past. Our Swedish sponsors and friends brought the school a camera about four years ago and it was kept at the school and used by a staffer responsible for photo taking, but it is no longer functioning properly, which makes it difficult for us to have pictures for updates.

Some kids in class in the annex

We managed to have it repaired a few weeks ago, but it has begun misbehaving again. Anyway, here are some activities at the school in pictures (click on a picture below to see a larger version).