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Salvation! HLF School Rent Raised

Friends, sponsors and partners of Help Liberia Foundation Community School, both far and near, we are pleased to inform you that, through your moral and financial support, we have raised the US$1,800 we were looking for to pay the school three-year rent. In fact, we raised more than the money needed for the rent. We raised almost US$2,000.

What a success story! What an achievement! What a relief! We had earlier considered it a mountain to climb, but your involvement in the process has made the mountain a plain to walk. We have been saved from eviction, embarrassment, frustration and confusion. We are relieved.

Catherine with staff and students at the school in March 2012

Permit us, therefore, to use this medium to express our deepest appreciation to all of you who helped to raise this amount for the school. We feel that words are inadequate to really convey to you all our profound gratitude for the humanitarian assistance you have rendered our school and the kids attending it. You have saved us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

We respect the wish of our donors who prefer anonymity, so we will not mention their names; however, we would like to mention the following persons for helping us to quickly raise the amount:

  • Agnes Wilson of Scotland
  • Alison Thomson of Scotland
  • Nancy Incoll of Scotland & Australia
  • April Ogden of England
  • Marie Beilby of Australia
  • Patricia Furey of Scotland
  • Ann Huber of Sweden
  • Lorraine McLean of Scotland
  • Per-Erik Johnsson of Sweden
  • Mr & Mrs Ronnie Carlin
  • Christel Nagersheth
  • Various Anonymous donors from Scotland

We also wish to extend special thanks and appreciation to Catherine Gill-Jamieson, the kids’ fighter and ambassador, for mobilizing a group of people of good will to selflessly donate to the cause. Catherine, you are a soldier for the kids and the school. We are glad about and appreciative of your involvement in the Buchanan School Project.

To enable people to donate without paying the charges that can be incurred when transferring money to a bank account in Liberia, Catherine set up a PayPal account to accept donations, and this was the method that most people chose to use to send their contribution. The money has now been transferred to the school’s account.

Once again, many thanks to all those who, directly or indirectly, contributed to the raising of the money for the rent. We want you to know that we really appreciate your assistance.