World Food Program Donates Dishes For HLF School Feeding Program

World Food Program, WFP, has donated some dishes to our school in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School.

The donated items include eating spoons, cooking spoons, plates, cups and a tub. The organization also gave some salt for the program.

The administration of the school expressed appreciation to the officials and staff of the World Food Program and appealed to them to continue assisting the school in its effort to provide hot meals for the kids.

It is important to point out that WFP usually donates food ration to us to enhance our school’s daily hot meal program. Although the food ration may not be much, it is regular – comes monthly. Food items given include burger wheat, beans, and vegetable oil, which are used to cook for the children daily, an arrangement that also helps to keep them in school, as most of them come from homes where only one meal is eaten per day.

Meanwhile, we are appealing to other individuals and institutions of good will to help us with funds or some other food items to augment our feeding program. We would like to buy fish and meat and prepare good soups for the kids. If possible, we would also like to start cooking rice for them.

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