HLF Community School Holds 7th Graduation Program

Our school in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, a school established to provide education to underprivileged kids, has held its seventh graduation program in the city.

The ceremony, which coincided with the 2011/2012 closing program and which was held on Sunday, 17 June 2012, at the Jubilee Christian Fellowship Center in Buchanan, brought together students, staff, parents, guardians and residents. The program was well attended.

Graduates seated in the hall

A total of twenty-three students graduated. Of the number, seventeen kids graduated from the kindergarten section, while six students graduated from the sixth grade. Those graduating from the sixth grade will be leaving the school, as our school is a primary school.

The Program’s activities included recitations, songs, speeches, and so forth. The top student or valedictorian of the sixth graders was Seke R. Morris, while the top student of the kindergarten section was Daniel T. Kennedy.

The top student, Seke Morris, delivering his valedictorian speech

Invited to speak as the guest speaker at the program was the President Pro tempore of the Liberian Senate, Senator Gbezohngar Milton Findley of Grand Bassa County. However, because of busy schedule, he sent a proxy, Mr. Reuben Barnie, who delivered the speech on his behalf.

Senator Findley, through Mr. Barnie, encouraged the students to take their education very seriously, as education is the key that opens doors and makes possible a better future.

Mr. Reuben Barnie (proxy Guest Speaker) delivering the keynote address on behalf of Senator Gbezohngar Findley

Senator Findley, through the proxy, promised to give scholarship to two of our best students – one boy and one girl. First, to Seke R. Morris, who graduated from the school and to Patricia Chea who was promoted to the fifth grade and will still be in the school.

Interestingly, too, because the school informed Senator Findley about its plan to begin the construction of a thirteen-classroom school building next year, the Senator pledged fifty (50) bags of cement to start the foundation.

Graduates, P-T.A. Chairman and some school staff after the progam

The new school year will start in September; however, registration of both old and new students will begin this month.

Our major priority at the moment is the construction of our school building, which we intend to start next year, as the building we are operating in is not conducive for our purpose. It is an unfinished residential building. We will be appreciative of any form of assistance any individual or institution renders us for the construction.

Pictures from the day (click to see larger images)

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