HLF Conducts Pre-Second Semester Teachers’ Workshop

Before the start of the second semester, our school conducted a two-day Teachers’ Workshop on the campus of the school in Korduah Community in order to professionally refresh the faculty members before resuming classes.

Cross-section of participants at the workshop

Cross-section of participants at the workshop

The topics treated included Classroom Management, Lesson Planning and Professional Department, with various lecturers speaking on the various topics. Although it was a Teachers’ Workshop, some parents, especially the leadership of the Parent-Teacher Association P-T.A.), attended.

Because it was necessary to have food available during the two-day workshop, the school prepared sumptuous dishes and all – lecturers, teachers and parents – had enough on each day.

As usual, we are profoundly grateful to all of our friends and sponsors who are helping our school in Buchanan, especially our friends and sponsors in Sweden and in Great Britain. They are our true partners in process.

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