European Guests Visit HLF School

On Monday, November 12, 2018, nine of the ten European guests, including some regular sponsors of the school, visited the campus to interact with students, staffers, and parents.

The guests posing behind the gifts

The visitors were headed by Lena Marner. Among the nine guests were seven Swedish, one Norwegian, and one Danish. A special program in honor of the guests was held, with students performing various activities to the delight of the guests, as well as parents who attended.

School choir singing during the program

It is worth noting that the visitors brought several, various gifts for the school and the kids, and the gifts included jerseys for our boys’ and the girls’ teams, footballs and various sporting items, games, instructional materials, books, food (rice), and many other items.

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The nine persons who visited the school were as follows:

1. Lena Marner
2. Gunnar Hammarström (husband of Anneli)
3. Anneli Hammarström (wife of Gunnar)
4. Liselott Larsson
5. Charlotte Larsson (Danish)
6. Emilie Ekengren
7. Kaisa Ellström
8. Mona Soerensen (Norwegian)
9. Lenita Björk

We are grateful to the guests for their visit and for the many gifts they brought for the school and the kids.

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