HLF School Sets Up School Governing Board

To improve operation and strategize for the growth and development of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan, the school has set up a three-man governing board known as HLF Board of Directors.

The three-man Board of Directors comprises Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry, Madam Monica Sackie, and Mr. Lincoln K. Blojay. Mr. Harry is serving as the Chairman of the Board and he is also responsible for planning, Ms. Sackie is the Director on Administration, and Mr. Blojay is the Director on Finance.

Paul Yeenie Harry

Paul Yeenie Harry

Mr Paul Yeenie Harry is an educator, teacher, organizer, humanitarian, lawyer and writer. He has worked in the education sector for more than twenty years, and has also worked both in the private and public sector. He has an A.A degree in accounting, a BA degree in English with minor in journalism, an MBA degree in Business Administration, and an LL.B degree in general law. He may be contacted at pyharry@yahoo.com.

Monica Sackie

Monica Sackie

Madam Monica Sackie is a church leader, teacher, organizer, and entrepreneur. She runs her own business called Kanorr Business Center on the main campus of the University of Liberia. Besides, she’s one of the leaders in the Assembly of God Church in Liberia. Moreover, she is the Program Coordinator of Commissioning a Lifestyle of Integrity (CLI), as well as the Acting Chair of the Global Leadership Forum. Madam Sackie has a BBA degree in Management with a minor in Public Administration. She may be contacted at monicasackie@gmail.com.

Lincoln K. Blojay

Lincoln K. Blojay

Mr. Lincoln K. Blojay is an organizer, youth leader, and planner. He has worked in the education sector as an administrator and a teacher for more than five years. He has a BBA degree in accounting and is currently a candidate of MBA in accounting. At present, he is the Deputy Comptroller at the Ministry of Commerce, Republic of Liberia. He may be reached at Lincolnk.blojay@yahoo.com.

Henceforth, the Board will be responsible for managing and directing the school, including formulating policies and programs that will help make the school one of the best in Liberia. The school administration will be supervised by the Board. The Board itself may be contacted at hlfboard@gmail.com.

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