HLF School Completes Plan for Construction

For the first time ever, the Board of Help Liberia Foundation Community School now has a complete plan for the construction of a modern school building for the kids in Buchanan City.

The proposed new school building

The comprehensive school construction plan is a fifteen-classroom, upstairs-downstairs structure that will operate at kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high levels.

The plan also has a library, a science laboratory, a cafeteria, a teachers’ lounge, an auditorium, a vocational education room, offices and other rooms.

The total cost for the construction of the school, including from foundation to completion, is US$122,606.15 (One Hundred Twenty-Two Thousand, Six Hundred Six United States Dollars and Fifteen Cents). The plan was drawn/produced by Future Builders and Development Group, Inc. (FB&DG).

Interestingly, the school already has a plot of land – an acre of land purchased in 2011 for the sole purpose of the construction. The only problem there is right now is how to raise this money to start the construction.

On behalf of the kids, the parents, the staff, and the administration, the Board is appealing to all philanthropic individuals, as well as individuals and institutions that are interested in the education of the poor children of the world to kindly help us raise the funds needed for the construction.

A few individuals and institutions with the passion can make this happen. Please help us make the world a better place for these kids.

Nelson Mandala once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Note: Please find attached the building plan and associated cost estimate.

HLF Ends 2019/2020 School Year, Begins 2020/2021

Help Liberia Foundation Community School, located in Buchanan City, has ended the 2019/2020 academic year, with plans to commence classes for the 2020/2021 school year after the December 8, 2020 Elections.

Children at the school (photo taken earlier in the year)

Out of the hundred plus students in the 2019/2020 school year, 59 students got direct promotions, 3 students failed, and the rest passed under condition. Of the 59 students that got direct promotions, 33 are girls, and 26 are boys. Of the 3 students that failed, we have 2 boys and one girl.

We were having a successful school year until COVID-19 stepped in. in fact, because of this development, some of the students did not return to the classroom when the government reopened schools.

That said, we are grateful to God for helping us to end one school year and to have the opportunity to start a new one.

We are also deeply thankful to all of our sponsors and friends who continue to help us run the school. Special thanks go to Lena Thorne Marner & Anders Marner, David Turner, and Mary Smith. All of you have been dependable partners in progress. Thanks for being there for the kids in the school.

HLF Puts Ceilings Up

The Board of Directors of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan has placed ceilings in the auditorium of the school, as well as two other classrooms.

Mats were placed there long time ago, but since they spoiled, the place had been open, with the students feeling the heat when the sun is hot. The placement of the ceilings in the auditorium and the two classrooms means the students have been liberated from the heat that usually directly came down from the zinc. This is a great relief, although there are other classes in which ceilings have not been placed.

Funds for the purchase and placements of the ceilings came from our sponsors in Sweden, through Lena Anders. We are grateful to all of our friends and sponsors who continue to help the school in Buchanan.

HLF School Loses Two Students

With a very heavy heart, we wish to announce that two of our students have passed away.

Naomi Karr

Both of them – a boy and a girl – died last month. The girl, ten years old, was called Naomi Karr, while the boy, 13 years old, was called Stanley Taylor.

Stanley Taylor

They both died from malaria, and they have been buried.

Our condolences go to the families of the two kids.

Greetings and Encouragement to All

On behalf of Help Liberia Foundation Community School, located in Buchanan City, we would like to extend everyone a very profound keep-safe message in the face of the suffering and uncertainties created as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The virus is ravaging almost every nation on earth. Even our country, Liberia, which drastically suffered Ebola between 2014 and 2015, is having its own share of the virus and its impact. Already, about 75 persons are infected with the virus, and at least six persons have died. And, already, also, our healthcare system is one of the worst in the world. It is virtually non-existent. We are praying for God to have mercy and protect our country because if things go out of hand, too many people will die in our country. It would be worse than Ebola.

While it is true that we are having our own corona-virus problems here, our hearts go out to the countries in Europe, especially countries in which our sponsors and friends are, specifically Sweden and the UK. May God protect you all and save you from this nightmare.

Let’s remember one another in prayers during these difficult times, as we are convinced that God is a merciful, gracious, and prayer-answering God. May God heal our world of this virus!