HLF School Holds Queen-King Contest

The campus of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan was the scene of drama, dances, music, contests, and fun on Sunday, April 15, 2018, when the school held its Queen-King Contest, which was a prelude to its gala anniversary, scheduled for Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

Queen Jestina Wright of HLF

Queen Jestina Wright of HLF

There were students, school administrators, teachers, parents, community residents, well-wishers, and so forth in attendance to grace the occasion. And the weather was great, too.

King Uriah Davis of HLF

King Uriah Davis of HLF

A total of four girls and three boys participated in the contest; however, at the end of it all, a first grader named Jestina Wright emerged as the Queen, while a kindergartener named Uriah Davis won as the King. In other words, we have Queen Jestina Wright and King Uriah Davis. Both will reign until next year (2019) April, when a new queen and a new king will be selected in the school.

A cross-section of queens and kings sitting in front of the audience during the program

A cross-section of queens and kings sitting in front of the audience during the program

Our sincere thanks to all the parents, teachers, students and so forth for their active participation and support for a successful conduct of the contest. We look forward to a more successful one next school year.


HLF Conducts Pre-Second Semester Teachers’ Workshop

Before the start of the second semester, our school conducted a two-day Teachers’ Workshop on the campus of the school in Korduah Community in order to professionally refresh the faculty members before resuming classes.

Cross-section of participants at the workshop

Cross-section of participants at the workshop

The topics treated included Classroom Management, Lesson Planning and Professional Department, with various lecturers speaking on the various topics. Although it was a Teachers’ Workshop, some parents, especially the leadership of the Parent-Teacher Association P-T.A.), attended.

Because it was necessary to have food available during the two-day workshop, the school prepared sumptuous dishes and all – lecturers, teachers and parents – had enough on each day.

As usual, we are profoundly grateful to all of our friends and sponsors who are helping our school in Buchanan, especially our friends and sponsors in Sweden and in Great Britain. They are our true partners in process.

HLF Holds Pre-Second Semester Program

Before the resumption of academic activities for the second semester, Help Liberia Foundation Community School held a special program to indicate the close of the first semester and the start of the semester.

A cross-section of parents at the program

A cross-section of parents at the program

The program was well-attended, as teachers, parents, students, and community residents were in attendance to grace the occasion.

The Guest Speaker was Ms. Esther Johnson Paygar, the Executive Director of Women Rights Watch. She spoke on the topic: “Building the Future.”

Madam Esther Johnson Paygar (the Guest Speaker) speaking to the audience

Madam Esther Johnson Paygar (the Guest Speaker) speaking to the audience

The program comprised songs, recitations of poems and Bible verses, dramas, academic quizzing, speeches, and so forth. The academic progress reports of students were also given to parents.

We are happy that we ended the first semester and started the second semester, which is ongoing. We remain grateful to all of our sponsors and friends.


Two Plus Years’ Rent Paid – Thanks to All!

With great joy and appreciation, we – on behalf of the children, staff, and parents of Help Liberia Foundation Community School – would like to inform all of you who helped us with last year’s fundraising that the rent for the school has been paid. It was paid on January 2, 2018.

From a total of US$1,575 raised, we paid US$1,500, which represents a two-year-six-month rent for the school at US$50 per month. The lease agreement was signed on January 2, 2018 and it took effect on the same day and will expire on July 1, 2020.

Because of the humanitarian assistance you rendered doing the fundraising, the children and the school will now be in the building for another two years and six months. We are profoundly appreciative of your continuous help to the school and the kids. It would be difficult for us without you. Thank you very much.

Please find attached the lease agreement.

Lease agreement page 1

Lease agreement page 2


Thanks for Helping Us! Two and a Half Years’ Rent Raised!

We are pleased to update the public, especially those who contributed toward the fundraising campaign launched for the rent payment of the building the school is being operated in Buchanan.

Children in class

Children in class

As you may very well recall, we launched the S-O-S call on October 21, 2017, asking individuals and institutions of goodwill to help us raise funds to pay the rent for three years.

Fortunately for us, and appreciably too, we have raised more than US$1,600; however, after PayPal and bank charges, we have a balance of US$1,572.00 as the actual money that has been collected thus far.

This is marvelous. It is highly appreciated. All of you who contributed have done it for the kids and for Buchanan where the school is located. You all are our partners in progress. We appreciate your humanitarian gesture toward us. Thank you for helping us and the kids.

Although we have not been able to raise the US$1,800 originally set for the plan to pay for three years, we are profoundly grateful to all of you who have contributed thus far, and you are:

  1. Mary Smith

  2. Jonas Malmstedt

  3. Victoria Enback

  4. Maris Nisson

  5. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom

  6. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom’s colleagues at the Department of Occupational and Physiotherapy at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden

  7. Lotten Zetterstrom

  8. Frida Abrahamsson

  9. Elizabeth Thorne and

  10. Lena and Anders Marner

Because the Lease agreement will be signed at the end of December, we will leave the fundraising campaign open to the end of December to see if we will be able to raise the remaining US$230 that will enable us to pay for the three years. If we can’t, we will pay for two years and six months with the funds we have raised.

Once again, we thank all of you for your assistance. You are our heroes.