HLF School Ends 2020/2021 School Year

The 2020/2021 school year, which was marked by restrictions posed as a result of the re-emergence of COVID-19, has finally ended, and the kids are resting and awaiting the 2021/2022 school year.

At the end of the school year, the school had in its enrollment records a total of 110 kids. Out of this number, 39 were girls and 71 were boys. Out of the total of 39 girls, 30 passed and 9 failed. Out of the total of 71 boys, 65 passed and 6 failed.

We extend our profound thanks and appreciation to our friends in Sweden, especially Lena and her team who are assisting the school and the kids by helping to pay teachers’ salaries. Lena and her husband, Anders, have been very instrumental in mobilizing resources for the sustenance of the school. We remain grateful to them.

We are also grateful to our teachers who sacrificed during those difficult months to teach the kids until the end. Our heart-felt thanks also go to Mary Smith, a dependable friend of the school.

The new school year will start next month, specifically, November 1. As we anticipate the resumption of classes for the new academic year, we are certain that the same God who carried us through will lead us according to His mercy and grace.

HLF School Receives Books

Our school in Buchanan City, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, has received assorted books from the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) in Buchanan.

We are grateful to the authorities of GBCC for donating these useful books to our school at this time.

The primary school books, 150 pieces in all, comprised books on the teaching of English, science, reading, arithmetic, social studies and so forth.

HLF’s Dedicated Teachers Helping Our Kids

One positive aspect associated with the operation of our school in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, is that the school has committed and loving teachers who are willing to help the kids obtain their education.

The kids whom we accept and help at the school are kids who come from poor background or whose parents are unemployed, and we are proud and happy that we have caring and committed teachers who are willing, ready and able to teach the kids.

Although our teachers are not receiving huge salaries at the end of the month because of limited resources, they still give themselves willingly to help the kids get their education, as they are aware that people’s lives can be changed though education, and children can have a better future as a result of education.

In a P-T.A meeting held at the school in May of this year, a female parent stood up and said, “I want to thank the teachers in this school because since my two children entered Help Liberia Foundation Community School, they have improved in their lessons. I am seeing the difference between this school and the first school my children attended. I am encouraging the teachers to please continue the good work.”

Indeed, we are proud of our teachers for helping us to develop these kids for a better future.

Special thanks and appreciation go to all of our Swedish friends and sponsors who are contributing some funds through Lena Thorne Marner and Anders Marner every month to help with teachers’ salary payment.

HLF School Re-opens

Our School in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, re-opened its doors last month for the 2020/2021 academic year, with both old and new students starting the new school year.

Our kids

It is interesting to note that a total of one hundred fourteen (114) students, as well as ten (10) staffers, are starting the school year. The ten staffers include three (3) new teachers.

According to the calendar of events released by the Ministry of Education, the current school year will end on September 30, 2020.

A cross-section of our kids

However, many other school-age children are still not in school because of the financial constraints their parents face – because of poverty. It is sad!

Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry, the Chairman of the Board of the school, visited the kids and the teachers and spent some time with them last week. The kids are excited to be in school.

Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry and the teachers, as they display the design/plan for the proposed school construction

We are grateful to all of our sponsors and friends who continue to help the school. It is because of their continuous, selfless donations and assistance that we are able to give education to these kids from a poor background. We are all partners in progress. Let us not fail these kids for any reason whatsoever.

Raising Funds for the School Construction

The Board having obtained a comprehensive plan for the construction of a modern school for the kids in our school in Buchanan City, the focus here now is how to raise the funds for the commencement of the construction.

The proposed new school building

At this juncture, it is important to make three important points clear.

First, it is important to indicate that although the total cost for the building is US$122,606.15 (One Hundred Twenty-Two Thousand, Six Hundred Six United States Dollars and Fifteen Cents), we do not wish to collect or raise the entire amount before starting the construction.

The construction is organized in twelve (12) major stages, as per the completed plan, and they are as follows:

  1. Pre-construction setup – $2, 172.50
  2. Foundation – $20,304.96
  3. Rough floor casting – $5,132.25
  4. Ground floor elevation & plastering – $11,911.31
  5. 1st floor reinforcement concrete slob and staircase – $18,280.31
  6. 1st floor elevation and plastering – $11,114.65
  7. 2nd floor reinforcement concrete and staircase – $4,280.20
  8. 2nd floor elevation & plastering — $3,819.58
  9. Roofing – $7, 826.39
  10. Windows and doors – $16,693.60
  11. Plumbing & electrical works – $10,452.33
  12. Painting & tile works – $10,692.84

Based on this, our plan is to carry out the construction in stages, as per the plan’s designated stages and assigned costs. Hence, we will not wait to raise the entire amount before commencing the construction.

Second, anyone wishing to donate or contribute funds towards the school construction from abroad should kindly do so through the school’s International Contact persons in Sweden, Mrs. Lena Thorne Marner and her husband, Anders Marner. They will be the sole custodians of the Funds abroad.

Finally, plans are under way for the setting up of a special bank account specifically meant for the school construction. It shall be called “HLF School Construction Funds.”

Once again, thanks to every one of you for your continuous interest in the school in Buchanan and your desire to help the kids. We appreciate every bit of effort on your part to give the kids a good future.