Thank You, Lena & Anders

We – the administrators, teachers, support staff and students of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan City – would like to express our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to Lena Marner and Anders Marner for their decision to contribute specific monthly amount to the school for teachers’ support.

Anders (in blue African shirt) and Lena (in Purple African dress) during one of their visits at the school in 2013

Anders (in blue African shirt) and Lena (in Purple African dress) during one of their visits at the school in 2013

This monthly contribution from Lena and Anders, like the one from Anneli Hammarstrom, is helping us with the salary payment to our teachers.

Lena and Anders presenting gifts to Paul in 2016 for the school

Lena and Anders presenting gifts to Paul in 2016 for the school

Lena and Anders who have been paying this monthly contribution since July 2017. They both mean a lot for the school in Buchanan. Lena and Anders are considered the Mother and the Father of the school. They are our main international contact persons abroad and have been helping the school since they first interacted with the kids and the staff about five years ago.

Lena and Paul on the campus of the University of Liberia in 2014 before the Ebola outbreak

Thanks, Lena and Anders, for always being there for the kids and the staff of the school. We appreciate your assistance, care and love for the school.



HLF School Conducts Teachers’ Workshop

Before the start of the school year, HLF School conducted a two-day teachers’ workshop in order to professionally prepare teachers for the new year.

Teachers at the workshop

The pre-opening workshop, which brought together both old and new teachers, was held on Friday and Saturday, September 15 & 16, 2017, at the school.

The facilitators at the workshop taught on Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Curriculum Development and Testing & Evaluation. The school plans to conduct a second workshop in February before the commencement of the second semester.

Many thanks to our friends for helping us to conduct the workshop.

Liberia’s NEC Used HLF School as Voting Center

Liberia conducted its presidential and representative elections yesterday, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, all over the country, and our school in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, was used as one of the voting centers selected by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

Voters in line to vote on Election Day

According to statistics from the NEC, 2,183,629 Liberians registered to vote in this years’ general elections at 2,080 voting precincts/centers containing 5,390 polling places, and our school was used as one of the voting precincts/centers containing two voting places. As a result of this, our main school building was one of the voting places, while the annex was another one.

Voters in line to vote at HLF School

The elections have already ended and counting has begun. As the results stand now, it seems there will be a second round in November, and it may be between current Vice President Joseph Boakai of UP (Unity Party) and football star George Weah of CDC (Coalition for Democratic Change), which means our school could be used again.

We at the school are glad that our school was used in Liberia’s 2017 historic elections. Thanks to all those who continue to help us to run this school.

HLF School Starts 2017/2018 Academic Year

Help Liberia Foundation Community School, located in Buchanan City, has opened its doors to its students for the 2017/2018 academic year.

Students in line during morning devotion at the school

The school opened last month, September; meaning, the school year started September and will end in July of 2018. The school’s doors were opened to both old and new students, as well as old and new teachers. So far, there are seventy-one (71) students in the school.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who continue to help us in the process to give education to the unfortunate children that attend our school. It is our prayer and hope that we will have a successful school year.


Thank You, Anneli Hammarstrom!

We at Help Liberia Foundation Community School would like to express our deepest appreciation to Anneli Hammarstrom, a Swedish citizen who has made the humanitarian decision to donate a specific amount to the school every month for teacher’s support.

Anneli Hammarstrom

Anneli Hammarstrom

We are profoundly grateful to Anneli for this great assistance because getting money to pay teachers in our school which is virtually free is one of the most difficult problems we have faced over the years, so Anneli’s assistance has come at the right time.

Anneli lives in Vastera, Sweden. She is a classroom teacher who teaches English and Swedish,  and she teaches students with special needs, mostly in secondary schools.. Anneli got to know about the school through Lena Marner.

Like Lena Marner and many other Swedish citizens who are helping the school, Anneli really has Liberia to her heart. She lived with her parents in Buchanan from 1970 – 1973, when she was between 8-11 years old. She has not returned to Liberia since 1973, but she is planning to visit anytime soon.

Thank you, Anneli, for making the decision to help our school in this manner. We want you to know that we really appreciate this humanitarian gesture from you.

We would like to encourage you to encourage others to follow your example to and do what you are doing for the teachers in the school.