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HLF School Changes Focus: From Child Sponsorship to Teacher Sponsorship

Based on experience, observation, and well-thought-of advice, Help Liberia Foundation Community School has made a strategic change in one of its long-term focal programs – the Child Sponsorship Program.

Mr. Harry posing with staffers at the end of a teachers’ workshop held last year.

At the moment, we have nine staffers, and we are paying about US$200 per month on salaries, depending on the exchange rate at the end of the month. We are paying some staffers US$20 and others US$30 per month.

For now, it is only Lena Marner and Anneli Hammarström of Sweden who are helping with the payment of teachers’ monthly salaries. If we are able to get ten (10) sponsors, each committing himself/herself to paying US$20 per month, we can raise the US$200. Still, if we can get 20 persons who can commit themselves to paying US$10 per month, we can raise the US$200.

That said, our goal for the not-too-distant future is actually to pay each teacher at least US$40 per month, which might be around US$400 per month, if the funds are available through the Teacher Sponsorship. We know this will still be low, but it will be by far better than what they are being paid for now, which will help to keep them in the school, instead of applying to a new school at the end of the year because of better salary.

Therefore, we are, through this medium, appealing to all individuals and institutions of good will to kindly think about participating in the Teacher Sponsorship Program, as it will help us to retain our teachers, pay our teachers regularly, keep running the school uninterrupted, and have more kids in the school to learn without the school thinking about charging or collecting exorbitant fees from their poor parents, or about sending kids home because they didn’t pay fees on time.

Some Advantages Associated with the Teacher Sponsorship

Generally, we have decided to focus on Teacher Sponsorship because it has more sustaining and problem-free consequences for the kids in the school and its operation. Some of the advantages associated with the Teacher Sponsorship are as follows:

  1. The Teacher Sponsorship amount paid by any sponsor will go toward general salary payment, and not for a specific teacher. In a sense, every teacher benefits.
  2. There will not be a person-to-person relationship between the teachers and the sponsors, as it was the case with the Child Sponsorship.
  3. If a teacher leaves the school for any reason, it does not affect the sponsorship.
  4. All the teachers may periodically send a signed thank-you letter to each sponsor with a photo showing the staffers, instead of each teacher writing a specific and separate letter to a sponsor.
  5. A sponsor is not under any obligation to write letters to a specific teacher, as was done under the Child Sponsorship.
  6. The sponsor does not have to think about sending gift money for a specific teacher, as was done in the Child Sponsorship. And
  7. The Teacher Sponsorship not only helps teachers to stay in the school, it also helps us to give more and more students the opportunity to get and stay in school because if there is money to pay the staffers every month, no child will be charged exorbitant fees or sent home all because they didn’t pay the required fee on time.

In view of the foregoing, the school has, with immediate effect, cancelled the Child Sponsorship Program and replaced it with the Teacher Sponsorship Program. This new policy does not automatically cancel the status of the few children currently under sponsorship; it will remain in force until it naturally fades out.

Why the Change?

The change from Child Sponsorship to Teacher Sponsorship came about as a result of numerous problems experienced under the Child Sponsorship. For example, the following problems, among other things, were experienced under the program:

  1. Some sponsored children leave the school because their parents have moved to a new far-away location.
  2. Others leave because a relative of theirs in a distant location has decided to adopt them.
  3. Some kids leave because they went to spend time somewhere, and they didn’t return.
  4. Some female students leave because they got pregnant (teen-age pregnancy).
  5. Others leave the school because they finished the school.
  6. Some drop from school because they realize that they have out-grown the classes they are in and are ashamed of being in those classes with kids by far younger than they were.
  7. Some just decide to drop out of school for no apparent reason.
  8. Sometimes, some sponsors stop the sponsorship for many different reasons, putting the sponsored child and their parents in an awkward position.

When a child abruptly leaves the school as a result of one of the first six (6) reasons given above, especially where a sponsor has already started a relationship with the child, it creates serious problems. And writing a sponsor that their sponsored child is no longer in the school creates serious embarrassment and puts the school in an awkward position. At times, we write the sponsor to inform them that the child has left the school, while at the same time recommending a new child, only to find out in two or three months that the newly named child has also left the school. This sometimes creates doubts and affects the credibility of the school and those in charge. The Teacher Sponsorship will end these problems.

Of course, in conclusion, we wish to thank all of you who have sponsored needy Liberian children over the years, because your sponsorship helped a lot of kids to get their basic education. The focus is now teacher sponsorship.

HLF School Fixes New Desks for Kids

The Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan has fixed new desks for the use of the kids.

Kids sitting on the desks 2

Kids sitting at the new desks

A total of fifteen (15) new desks at the cost of US$15 per desk were fixed for the kids last week. The fixing of the desks came as a result of the shortage of seats vis-à-vis the influx of kids this school year.

Some kids standing in front of the desks

Some kids standing in front of the desks

At present, there are nearly one hundred forty (140) kids in the school, which is more than what we have had in recent years.

Some kids standing in front of the desks 2

Some kids standing in front of the desks

In spite of the fifteen new desks, we still need to purchase additional ten to fifteen desks, as the desks are not enough for the kids. In some cases, there are more kids sharing one desk than required.

Kids sitting on the desks

Kids sitting at the new desks

If you would like to help, you can donate using PayPal here. If you would prefer to send money using a different method, please contact us.

Kids sitting on the desks upon arrival

Kids sitting at the new desks

Again, we would like to thank all those who are helping us to help these needy kids.

A display of the desks

A display of the desks

Two Plus Years’ Rent Paid – Thanks to All!

With great joy and appreciation, we – on behalf of the children, staff, and parents of Help Liberia Foundation Community School – would like to inform all of you who helped us with last year’s fundraising that the rent for the school has been paid. It was paid on January 2, 2018.

From a total of US$1,575 raised, we paid US$1,500, which represents a two-year-six-month rent for the school at US$50 per month. The lease agreement was signed on January 2, 2018 and it took effect on the same day and will expire on July 1, 2020.

Because of the humanitarian assistance you rendered doing the fundraising, the children and the school will now be in the building for another two years and six months. We are profoundly appreciative of your continuous help to the school and the kids. It would be difficult for us without you. Thank you very much.

Please find attached the lease agreement.

Lease agreement page 1

Lease agreement page 2


Thanks for Helping Us! Two and a Half Years’ Rent Raised!

We are pleased to update the public, especially those who contributed toward the fundraising campaign launched for the rent payment of the building the school is being operated in Buchanan.

Children in class

Children in class

As you may very well recall, we launched the S-O-S call on October 21, 2017, asking individuals and institutions of goodwill to help us raise funds to pay the rent for three years.

Fortunately for us, and appreciably too, we have raised more than US$1,600; however, after PayPal and bank charges, we have a balance of US$1,572.00 as the actual money that has been collected thus far.

This is marvelous. It is highly appreciated. All of you who contributed have done it for the kids and for Buchanan where the school is located. You all are our partners in progress. We appreciate your humanitarian gesture toward us. Thank you for helping us and the kids.

Although we have not been able to raise the US$1,800 originally set for the plan to pay for three years, we are profoundly grateful to all of you who have contributed thus far, and you are:

  1. Mary Smith

  2. Jonas Malmstedt

  3. Victoria Enback

  4. Maris Nisson

  5. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom

  6. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom’s colleagues at the Department of Occupational and Physiotherapy at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden

  7. Lotten Zetterstrom

  8. Frida Abrahamsson

  9. Elizabeth Thorne and

  10. Lena and Anders Marner

Because the Lease agreement will be signed at the end of December, we will leave the fundraising campaign open to the end of December to see if we will be able to raise the remaining US$230 that will enable us to pay for the three years. If we can’t, we will pay for two years and six months with the funds we have raised.

Once again, we thank all of you for your assistance. You are our heroes.

Fundraising Update Soon

Dear friends, donors, and sponsors of Help Liberia Foundation Community School, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you all for the contributions you have been able to make thus far toward the lease renewal of the building we are using for the operation of the school in Buchanan.

Students in line during morning devotion at the school

We wish to inform you that we will provide an update on the fundraising at the end of this month so that you can know the exact amount that has been collected thus far.

Once again, many thanks for your willingness to help the kids in this manner.

Donate through PayPal

You may continue to send donations through our PayPal account which is run by Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden who will pass all donations on to us. If you would prefer to send money directly to the school’s bank account or through Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.