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Two Plus Years’ Rent Paid – Thanks to All!

With great joy and appreciation, we – on behalf of the children, staff, and parents of Help Liberia Foundation Community School – would like to inform all of you who helped us with last year’s fundraising that the rent for the school has been paid. It was paid on January 2, 2018.

From a total of US$1,575 raised, we paid US$1,500, which represents a two-year-six-month rent for the school at US$50 per month. The lease agreement was signed on January 2, 2018 and it took effect on the same day and will expire on July 1, 2020.

Because of the humanitarian assistance you rendered doing the fundraising, the children and the school will now be in the building for another two years and six months. We are profoundly appreciative of your continuous help to the school and the kids. It would be difficult for us without you. Thank you very much.

Please find attached the lease agreement.

Lease agreement page 1

Lease agreement page 2



Thanks for Helping Us! Two and a Half Years’ Rent Raised!

We are pleased to update the public, especially those who contributed toward the fundraising campaign launched for the rent payment of the building the school is being operated in Buchanan.

Children in class

Children in class

As you may very well recall, we launched the S-O-S call on October 21, 2017, asking individuals and institutions of goodwill to help us raise funds to pay the rent for three years.

Fortunately for us, and appreciably too, we have raised more than US$1,600; however, after PayPal and bank charges, we have a balance of US$1,572.00 as the actual money that has been collected thus far.

This is marvelous. It is highly appreciated. All of you who contributed have done it for the kids and for Buchanan where the school is located. You all are our partners in progress. We appreciate your humanitarian gesture toward us. Thank you for helping us and the kids.

Although we have not been able to raise the US$1,800 originally set for the plan to pay for three years, we are profoundly grateful to all of you who have contributed thus far, and you are:

  1. Mary Smith

  2. Jonas Malmstedt

  3. Victoria Enback

  4. Maris Nisson

  5. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom

  6. Anna-Klara Zetterstrom’s colleagues at the Department of Occupational and Physiotherapy at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden

  7. Lotten Zetterstrom

  8. Frida Abrahamsson

  9. Elizabeth Thorne and

  10. Lena and Anders Marner

Because the Lease agreement will be signed at the end of December, we will leave the fundraising campaign open to the end of December to see if we will be able to raise the remaining US$230 that will enable us to pay for the three years. If we can’t, we will pay for two years and six months with the funds we have raised.

Once again, we thank all of you for your assistance. You are our heroes.

Fundraising Update Soon

Dear friends, donors, and sponsors of Help Liberia Foundation Community School, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you all for the contributions you have been able to make thus far toward the lease renewal of the building we are using for the operation of the school in Buchanan.

Students in line during morning devotion at the school

We wish to inform you that we will provide an update on the fundraising at the end of this month so that you can know the exact amount that has been collected thus far.

Once again, many thanks for your willingness to help the kids in this manner.

Donate through PayPal

You may continue to send donations through our PayPal account which is run by Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden who will pass all donations on to us. If you would prefer to send money directly to the school’s bank account or through Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.

S-O-S Call! Urgent Fundraising for School Rent

The five-year lease agreement on the building we are operating the school in will expire in just over two months – to be specific, at the end of December.

Children outside the school

Children outside the school

The current agreement was entered into at the end of December 2012, when there was an urgent need to pay the rent because the landlord was tormenting the school for the payment, with threat of eviction. 

Donate using PayPal

We are in such a situation again. As we approach the end of the current lease agreement, the landlords have already increased the rent to US$50 per mouth, and we would like to pay for at least three (3) years, which would be US$600 per year and US$1,800 for the three years.

Children in class

Children in class

We are therefore appealing to all of our friends, supporters and sponsors to please come to our aid so that the school cannot be evicted. If we fail to renew the contract in a reasonable time, the landlord will throw us out of the building, which will be a serious embarrassment for us, and will leave our kids with nowhere to learn.

As we send out this S-O-S call, any assistance anyone renders will be greatly appreciated. Please help us keep the children in school.

Donate through PayPal

The easiest way to donate to this appeal is through our PayPal account which is run by Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden who will pass all donations on to us. If you would prefer to send money directly to the school’s bank account or through Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.

Annex Construction Going On

We wish to inform all sponsors, donors and friends of Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan that the construction of the annex for which funds were raised last year is going on.

Construction in progress

Construction in progress

Before going further, we wish to inform you about two very important changes we have made in the original plan. First, we are constructing a two-classroom annex, instead of the one-room annex originally announced. Second, we are constructing a concrete structure (a more guaranteed structure) instead of the mat structure originally mentioned.

Construction in progress

Construction in progress

Because of these changes and others, the construction requires new materials which were not needed for the original mat structure, causing us to enter additional expenses for such things as:

  1. Blocks/bricks
  2. Crushed rocks
  3. Two panel doors
  4. Steel rods
  5. Colomos for the windows
  6. More cement for the foundation, for the elevation, for the fixing of concrete leanto, for the plastering of walls, and for the fixing of the floor.
  7. Etc.
Construction in progress

Construction in progress

The two-classroom structure, whose construction started last month, contains two doors and six windows. We decided on the six windows because we wish to use colomos at the windows, instead of timber. In this instance, more windows would be needed for proper lighting and ventilation.

Construction in progress

Construction in progress

This is a quick breakdown of what we have been able to use or obtain in terms of materials and money:

  1. 1200 blocks @$0.55 ================ $660
  2. Sand =========================== $75
  3. 20 bags of cement @$10 ============= $200
  4. 15 Steel rods @$7   ================= $105
  5. 15 bags of crushed rocks @$2 ========= $30
  6. 12 pieces of wawa @$5 ============== $60
  7. Part payment of Workmanship ======== $150
  8. Lease agreement for use of land for annex = $200
  9. Transportation of 1200 blocks @$0.06 === $72
  10. Other transportation costs =========== $45
  11. Wire nails ====================== $3
  12. 15 bags of crushed rocks @$2 ========= $30
  13. Tying wire ====================== $5

  TOTAL                                                                $1,635

Builders at work

Builders at work

In short, we have already expended $1,635 on the two-classroom structure being constructed. We also used $210 on the kitchen; meaning, we have used $1,845 on construction altogether.

However, as you will recall, the total amount raised for the original annex construction was $1,825, from which PayPal deducted $68.40 as service charge, making the actual balance on hand to be $1,756.60.

Builders at work

Builders at work

The foundation and the elevation, including the concrete leanto above the doors and windows are completed. However, we are still left with the following jobs: placing the colomos in the window slots, roofing and zincing the structure, plastering the walls, fixing the floor, and painting the structure.

The walls are complete

The walls are complete

As things and prices stand at present, we need the following items to finish the construction:

  1. 16 bags of cement (for plastering and floor) @$10 == $160
  2. 20 pcs of ceiling @$7 ===================== $140
  3. 10 pcs of (2 by 6) planks @$5 =============== $50
  4. 20 pcs of (2-by-4) planks @$4 =============== $80
  5. 20 pcs of (2-by-2) planks @$2 =============== $40
  6. 3 bundles of zinc @$125 =================== $375
  7. 2 pks of zinc nails @$5 ==================== $10
  8. 130 Colomos @$1 =======================  $130
  9. 2 doors @$75 ========================== $150
  10. balance workmanship ====================  $175

    TOTAL                                                                           $1,310

The walls are complete

The walls are complete

Many thanks to all those who helped us raise the first amount. At this point, we are NOT going to launch another fundraising campaign for the completion of the two-classroom annex; however, we will appreciate any assistance anyone provides in this direction.

Donation may be sent to our PayPal account managed by our Swedish sponsors or directly to the school’s bank account at:

Help Liberia Foundation Community School
Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia
Swift Code: ECOCLRLM

The walls are complete

The walls are complete

Once again, we extend our sincere thanks to all of you who are helping us to provide education to scores of needy kids in Buchanan. We are all partners in progress.