UNICEF Donates First Aid Kit

The Help Liberia Foundation Community School, our school located in Buchanan, Liberia, West Africa, has received a first aid kit for use on the children in the school.

The first aid kit, which was donated by UNICEF, contains cotton, bandages, plasters, gloves, tablets, towels, scissors and other first aid materials. UNICEF also gave a resource book for some of the school’s instructional materials.

Receiving the items on behalf of the school were two staff members, Esau Wleh and Elwood Lincoln, who thanked the officials of UNICEF and promised to use the kit according to its intended purpose.

Staff of UNICEF explained to the staff of the school, especially the main science teacher in the primary division, Mr. Samson Tweh, how to use the materials. The school has already begun using them.

We are thankful to the staff of UNICEF for assisting the school in this direction. It is our hope that other institutions and individuals will help the school in whatever way they can.

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