HLF School To Receive Foreign Guests

Our school, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, will next week receive a four-person delegation from Europe.

The visiting guests, headed by Elisabeth Thorne who is a psychologist and psychotherapist, are all coming from Sweden and will be in Liberia for about two weeks, from March 24 – April 7.

Elisabeth Thorne

Elisabeth Thorne

Paul and Elisabeth have been communicating about this visit since December 2012, and it is wonderful to know that it will be a reality.

Elisabeth once lived in Liberia, specifically in Buchanan, for ten years when she was a child. That was a long time ago – long before the war started. She had been thinking about how to give back to Buchanan and, then, luckily, she heard about our school through some friends who are already assisting the school in some ways and she, too, has decided to help.

She has been working with the treatment of traumatized people and children of traumatized parents for many years in Sweden.

Those coming with Elisabeth are Lena Marner, Elisabeth’s sister; Anders, Lena’s husband; and Marianne, a friend of theirs, who also works with children in Sweden.

More information later.

One response to “HLF School To Receive Foreign Guests

  1. Absolutely brilliant that this visit is going ahead as planned. I know this party will do all they can to help where they can.

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