Updates from HLF School

Yes, it has been a few months since we last posted information about Help Liberia Foundation Community School.  We sincerely apologize for this. There is a contributing factor.

As you may recall, when our guests comprising Elizabeth, Lena, Marianne and  Anders came from Sweden in March to visit the school in Buchanan, they brought us a camera, which is a great relief because we were really in need of one.

Children outside the school

Children outside the school

At the 2012/2013 closing and graduation program held in July, scores of great photos – including photos of the graduating kids and their parents, special guests and others – were taken. However, when it came time to download the photos, everything disappeared from the chip, and we have not been able to retrieve any of them. It has been very heart-breaking, as we always like to publish stories with photos.  We have been told about one or two parents whom people saw taking photos of their kids, but we have not been able to locate them. This has been the holdup for not posting new information on this site, but, as indicated earlier, we really regret the situation and sincerely apologize for it

We can assure you that we have put in the right measures to post new information/articles with photos at least once every month from now on.

Grade 2 children in class

Grade 2 children in class

In the meantime, kindly permit us to present some updates on activities/happenings at the school.

1.  The school had its eighth closing and graduation program on Sunday, July 7, 2013, in the edifice of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship. Twenty-six (26) kids graduated from the kindergarten, and four (4) kids graduated from the sixth grade. The program was well-attended. The guest speaker, who sent a representative to deliver the speech on her behalf, was Senator Nyonblee Karngar, the newly elected and first female senator of Grand Bassa County. Her speech stressed the importance of education for people coming from poor background. At the end of the speech, she gave scholarship to two (2) students and she pledged twenty (20) bags of cement toward our impending school construction project.

2. The registration process for the 2013/2014 school year has started and school will have opened by the time we post this article. However, most students have not registered, as parents are complaining of not having money to send their children to school.

K-3 children

K-3 children

3. Before the close of school, the World Food Program (WFP) re-started giving food to the school. We hope they will continue to do so regularly in this new school year.

4. The school received one new sponsor who is sponsoring three kids. Her name is Nancy Incoll, and the kids she is sponsoring are Daniel Kennedy, Mardea Smith and Evelyn David. This is good news in that, because of Nancy’s humanitarian gesture, these three kids will go to school to have a better future.

5. We have carried out some changes in the administration of the school. We have Mr. Varney Gibson, Principal; Mr. Jarvis Krangar, Vice Principal for Instructions; Mr. Joseph Goffa, Vice Principal for Student Affairs, and Ms. Annie Dayugar, Registrar. These staff also teach full time in the school.

Children using donated books

Children reading donated books

To conclude, permit us to use this time to thank all those who continue to help the school and the children, especially for the past school year. We thank Mary Smith for her continuous involvement in the work in Liberia, especially for coordinating the school’s websites and her great suggestions. She is a true partner.  We want to thank Mr. David Turner for his continuous support to the school and the kids. He is a great philanthropist to the school. We thank Catherine Gill Jamieson for being the Kids’ Soldier out there, fighting for them day and night. We thank all the good people who helped to collect funds last year to pay the school’s lease agreement for five years. Because of their assistance, we can operate the school for five years without worrying about paying rent. We also thank our four guests (Elizabeth, Lena, Marianne and Anders) who visited the school for one week in March and who brought some gifts for the school. Many thanks, also, to all others who directly or indirectly, whether financially or morally, supported the school and the kids during the past year. We appreciate you all and ask that you continue to think about the school and the children attending it. Lest we forget, we express thanks to the staff, parents and students of Help Liberia Foundation Community School for helping to have a successful 2012/2013 school year.

Articles about the re-opening of school will be posted soon.

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