US$100 Feeds School For One Week

Until about three months ago, our school used to receive food rations from the World Food Program (WFP), however periodically it occurred. We used to receive burger wheat, oil, beans and salt.

However, since January, we have not received food rations from the organization. In a sense, the children had not been eating, and cooking at the school is one of the things that keeps the children in school.

Kids receiving food

Kids receiving food

Then when our Swedish guests were about to return to Sweden, Elisabeth Thorne, on behalf of the group, gave the school US$100 to cook for the kids.

The school used the US$100 to cook for the entire school – kids and staff – for one whole week, and everyone had enough to eat every day.  In fact, instead of cooking burger wheat for the kids, the school bought rice – Liberia’s staple food.

Staff members getting food from the cook

Staff members getting food from the cook

We wish to express our profound thanks to Elisabeth and the other visitors for donating the US$100, which fed the entire school for one complete school week.

If any individual or organization out there is willing to help the kids and the staff to eat at school every day, US$100 can do that for a whole week.  Yes, US$100 can feed the students and the staff for a week!





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