HLF School Loses Sponsor – Tauno Silander Dies

It is with great sadness and heavy heart that we, staff and students at the Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan, have come to both announce and mourn the death of one of our sponsors named Tauno Silander. He died at the age of 56 on February 8.

Tauno Silander

Tauno Silander

As you may recall, during the fundraising campaign for the annex construction, it was Tauno who purchased the fifteen (15) bags of cement needed for the construction. He was planning to render additional assistance to Liberia through Help Liberia Foundation Community School when his demise occurred. We are heartbroken. He was a real humanitarian.

He was originally from Finland, but he lived in Norway, where he also died. According to information, his heart stopped beating.

Tauno spent his childhood in Liberia where his parents lived and worked when he was a Kid. He lived in Buchanan for about 11 years – in the 1960s and 1970s. Most of those who knew Tauno Know that he loved Liberia besides being a compassionate person.

Tauno Silander

Tauno Silander

Lena Thorne-Marner: “Life is so short. This guy was a true Liberian; he spoke typical Liberian English just like a native. He had a heart full of love and kindness, and Liberia was always in his heart.”

It should be known, too, that Tauno’s humanitarian work was not limited to Liberia. He also supported other projects, including building or supporting schools/homes for amputees and orphans in Sierra Leone.

We remain profoundly grateful to him for his assistance to the children in our school, especially his contribution toward the construction of the school annex, but we are equally dispirited that he did not live to see the structure for which he so happily and generously donated. We will miss him.

May Tauno’s soul rest in perfect peace, as he goes home to rest with others that have gone before him.

Rest in real peace, Tauno Silander! You were a wonderful human being. We will miss you!

2 responses to “HLF School Loses Sponsor – Tauno Silander Dies

  1. Marijke Silander

    Dear All at HLFCS,

    It is with a warm feeling in my heart that I read the nice things you have written about my dear beloved brother Tauno. So true, he passed away way too early and he will be greatly missed by many many people not just his family and nearest friends. He was a true humanitarian and always treated people with respect, and was kind and fair to thoose with a good heart.

    It’s really nice to read abot your progress with building of the school annex. My second brother, Mikael Nilsson, who also lived with Tauno and our other two brothers, Risto and Stefan, would like to continue where Tauno unfortunatley left. We will closly follow all your progress and have started a fund raising amongst our friends in Sweden.

    With this said I would just like to wish you all the best and you’ll hear from us again. Take care of eachother and continue the great work that you all do for the wellbeing of the children. They are our future.

    Best regards,
    Marijke Silander

    • Hi Marijke,

      It’s nice to read your comments on the article about your late brother, Tauno. Indeed, he was a humanitarian, a people-oriented person.

      Thanks very much, Marijke, for the humanitarian work you and your brothers have begun on behalf of the children of Buchanan. Prior to your comments here, Mikael had told me about you and had informed me about the fund-raising campaign you and he had launched among your friends and others.

      It is a wonderful thing — and I believe it will please Tauno’s soul — that you and your brothers have decided to continue where Tauno stopped — that you will not allow his dream to die. Thank you for this humanitarian decision.

      Please extend our greetings to your other two brothers — Risto and Stefan — who have joined you in the process to continue Tauno’s dream.

      Best regards,

      Paul Yeenie Harry, Director of HLFCS

      (Note: Paul passed this on to me and asked me to post it for him as he has tried twice without success – Mary, website admin)

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