HLF School Reopens

Our school in Buchanan, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, has finally reopened its door to students, teachers and parents for the resumption of normal academic activities. The school reopened on Monday, March 2.

Kids standing outside during recess on Day One

Kids standing outside during recess on Day One

As you may recall, we closed the 2013/2014 school year in June of 2014 and had remained closed until March 2, primarily because of the outbreak of the Ebola virus in our country.

The kids are quite happy to be back in school after staying out of school for more than eight months. Many parents and educators, too, are happy to see the kids back in school.

Cross-section of kids and staff on the first day of school

Cross-section of kids and staff on the first day of school

On the other hand, the reopening of our school is not without problems. For instances, we have fewer students than expected, because not many parents have registered their children due to financial difficulties engendered by the Ebola crisis. Many of them are unemployed and doing nothing.

In addition, some of our old teachers left the school for employment in other schools that pay better than we do. So we have new teachers and are still in search of additional new teachers. We are running a radio announcement for that purpose. Paying teachers well and paying them on time is one of our major challenges, as the fees parents pay are little and only a few of the kids are on sponsorship.

Kids in class with teacher

Kids in class with teacher

Besides, we are in need of some start-up funds for the purchase of instructional materials and other school supplies, for food for the kids, as the world Food Program (WFP) has not started distributing food rations to schools, as well as for other things.

Overall, in spite of the problems connected with the opening of the school, we are happy that the school has once more opened its door to the kids. We are also happy that the Ebola virus did not take the life of any of our students or staff.

Kids in class with teacher

Kids in class with teacher

Before ending, we wish to indicate that we are thankful to all who helped make the reopening possible at this time.  Many thanks to all of our friends, sponsors and donors for their continuous involvement with the school in Buchanan.

Note: There will be additional articles about other activities/happenings at the school. Keep visiting our website.

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