HLF Closes for 2015 Academic Year

In keeping with the Liberian Government’s pronouncement that all schools close on July 31, 2015, our school officially closed on the announced date, although we had already ended academic activities before that date.

Parents receiving grade sheets from teachers

Parents receiving grade sheets from teachers

We promoted some of the students based on their averages, while others are told to repeat their respective classes. The promotion was based on an average of at least 75%.

The registration process for the 2015/2016 academic year begins this week and will end early September, as classes may be starting by the second week of September.

We wish to take this time to profoundly thank all of you our sponsors, donors, and friends for your support during the condensed academic year, which started in March and has just ended as a result of government’s impromptu pronouncement that all schools in the country should close on July 31. We were able to go through it because of your involvement. Thank you very much!

Kid reading in class in early June

Kid reading in class in early June

We also thank the staff, the students and the parents for their role in the running of the school during the period under review.

Special thanks to Lena Marner and Anders Marner, our hard-working international contact persons and dedicated fundraisers; to David Turner, a true friend and sponsor of the school and the kids; to Mary Smith, our innovative and caring partner and webpage administer; Mike Silander and Marijke Silander, the late Tauno Silander’s siblings who have raised the needed funds for the completion of the annex and have promised to continue to help the school and the kids.

As we plan to start a new school year in September, it is our prayer and hope that other good-will individuals and institutions will think about helping the school and the kids, as the school mainly cater to under-privileged kids.

Kids sitting in class before the close of school

Kids sitting in class before the close of school

Most importantly, we are grateful to the Almighty God for carrying us through the period, as it was not an easy time, especially when it came to getting money to pay our teachers. But we’ve made it through His mercy and grace.

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