Kitchen Roof Stolen

Last year, because one of the conditions set by the World Food Program (WFP) before giving food to our school was that we construct a kitchen, we decided to construct a little concrete kitchen.

Cook sharing food under the kitchen with tarpaulin roof

Cook sharing food in the kitchen with its tarpaulin roof

The laying of blocks was started and completed, and the little structure was roofed and zincked. However, just around the time school could reopen, some criminals came at night and removed the entire roof, along with the zinc, and took it away.

The kitchen with tarpaulin  on top of it

The kitchen with tarpaulin on top of it

Following this incident, we bought a tarpaulin which we use on top of the kitchen whenever the cooks are preparing food for the kids, but which we remove and keep in the main school building once the cooking is finished and the kids have eaten.

The kitchen with its zinc roof

The kitchen with its zinc roof

As a result of this criminal incident, we were advised by the community not to install doors of the classrooms of the annex, since the security guard sits in the main building at night and does not sit outside to keep watch over the annex.

Kitchen with tarpaulin

Kitchen with tarpaulin

In fact, in the morning, we bring desks from the main building to be used by kids in the annex, but we take them back to the main building after school. We are scared that if the doors are placed on the annex, they will be stolen at night.

The little kitchen with its zinc roof


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  1. They will be punished. Rest assured. If not now, then later on. God has a custom in judgement!

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