HLF School Celebrates Gala Anniversary

Help Liberia Foundation Community School located in Buchanan celebrated its 13th Anniversary on April 25, 2018, in the City of Buchanan.

Lena taking the podium to deliver her speech to the audience

Lena taking the podium to deliver her speech to the audience

The program brought together students, staff, parents, civil society organizations, residents and well-wishers.

The program was comprised of songs, quizzing competitions, recitations, speeches, dances, crowning and sashing of the school’s Queen and other royal members.

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The Guest Speaker was Mrs. Lena Thorne Marner, the Mother of the School, who traveled to Liberia and spoke to the attendees. As indicated before, she spoke on the topic: “The Importance of Education in the New Liberia,” encouraging parents and students to see the role education plays in the lives of individuals and countries.

At the end of the in-door program, the attendees, including the students, were served food and drinks.

During the evening hours, there were football and kickball games between the Hope Academy and our school. For the football game, our boys drew with the boys of Hope Academy, while for the kickball, our girls beat the girls of Hope Academy.

It was indeed a wonderful day for all.

Note: There will be other articles about the celebration and about Lena’s visit to Liberia.

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