HLF School Organizes Country Cook

Yes, Help Liberia Foundation Community School has closed for the holidays, but three days before the closing and graduation program on June 26, the school had a country cook or picnic for the kids and staff.

The school cooked rice and potato greens, which the kids, the administrators, teachers and other staff enjoyed. It was a great day for everyone. For example, the kids didn’t have to worry about taking tests or copying notes. The teachers, too, didn’t have to think about correcting papers or planning lessons.

It was a day for spoons and plates to fight, although some of the children turned it to a fight between fingers and plates, as some of them chose to eat with their hands, instead of spoons. A few of them jokingly said that each hand contains five fingers, with each finger representing a letter of the five-letter word “spoon.”

Because the food was more than enough for everyone, some of the kids took food home after they had already eaten some at the school.

“We want the school to have country cook every month,” said a student of the first grade class.

Although some of the older kids helped with the cooking, the female staff of the school were in charge of the kitchen. No wonder the potato-green-and-rice dish was so delicious that some of the kids ate with hands, as teachers constantly visited the kitchen asking for more food.

Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry was also busy enjoying himself with a huge bowl of rice. When one of the teachers took the camera and went to take a picture of Mr. Harry, he (Mr. Harry) ran away.

Because of the fun-packed activities characterizing the picnic, there are plans for it to be held twice every year, one in December and the other just before the close of the school year in June.

Our profound thanks to all those, especially our sponsors, who are helping us to bring smiles on the faces of the children in our school.

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