HLF School Holds Parent-Teacher Conference

The Parent-Teacher Association (P-T.A) of Help Liberia Foundation Community School has held its fourth meeting since the start of the 2012/2013 academic year, with parents thanking the school for helping to provide education to their children.

Principal addresses parents and guardians

Principal addresses parents and guardians

The meeting, which brought together school staff, parents and guardians, discussed various issues, including their children’s attendance, tardiness, behavior and performance.

The school administration encouraged parents and guardians to make sure that their children be regular, neat and well-behaved, as the school staff are not in the various homes the kids live in, with the Principal saying, “You have to help us have a good school, and that also entails making your children come to school on time, come to school well-dressed and come to school well-behaved.”

Staff, parents and guardians after the PTA conference

Staff, parents and guardians after the PTA conference

Parents and staff, especially parents, were overjoyed when the Executive Director of the school, Mr. Paul Yeenie Harry finally announced that a five-year-lease agreement had been paid on the building. The announcement was greeted with a hand of applause that lasted for minutes. The elation was unavoidably visible.

All present expressed their appreciation to all the people whose contribution helped the school to raise the money needed for the rent payment and appealed to them to continue to help the school and the kids in any way they can.

At the end of the meeting, parents were given their children’s progress reports. nearly one hundred of the students went on the honor roll list.

2 responses to “HLF School Holds Parent-Teacher Conference

  1. Per-Erik Jönsson

    This is good news.
    Perhaps some of us are willing to support the school in the future so if you could open a kind of bankaccount in the name of the school some of us might support continuse.
    Education is the most importent way to make the world better for us all.
    Sweden Jan. 18th, 2013
    Per-Erik Jönsson
    ex Tugboatmaster Buchanan.

  2. Hi Per-Erik

    Thank you for your support!

    There are currently three ways to donate to the school:
    1. Through PayPal
    2. Directly to the school’s bank account in Liberia
    3. By using Western Union or MoneyGram

    Please see the How You Can Help page for more informaiton.


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