Death Hits HLF School

Profound sorrow and befuddlement is currently consuming the staff, students and parents of Help Liberia Foundation School, as the unmerciful hands of death has touched Mr. Esau Wleh, one of the school’s senior staffers.

Mr Esau Wleh, wearing the red T-shirt

Mr. Esau Wleh, wearing the red T-shirt

Mr. Esau Wleh, who was serving as the school’s Vice Principal for Instructions before his death, had worked with the school for more than five years. He was an able and dedicated staffer, always working in the interest of the school.

The late Wleh had an on-and-off illness for months. A few weeks ago, his condition worsened and he was rushed to hospital and stayed there for days. At one point, news came that he had died, but it was later discovered to be untrue. Elation and jubilation engulfed staffers, students and parents. He recovered and resumed work.

However, his condition worsened again and he was rushed to Monrovia for treatment. He died yesterday morning, 19th January. It is a known fact that he died from an illness, but it has not been definitely established what kind of illness he had.

Funeral arrangement is being made. More information later.

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