Swedish Guests Give Judo Lessons, Visit Future Site, Give Money for Food

Dear friends, I was down with illness and stayed in hospital for a few days before being released last week. I was down with typhoid and pneumonia. This is why the site has not been updated with new articles, especially articles about the recent visit by our Swedish sponsors, for some time now. Our apologies! We now continue. (Paul Yeenie Harry, school director)

During the visit of our Swedish friends, not only were many things done, but several, various activities went on as we indicated in one of our previous articles. And, because time is fast spent, we wish to mention four in this current article, for there are other things to write about.

P-O observing trainees practicing judo

P-O observing trainees practicing judo

Judo Lessons

When the guests were here in Liberia, one of them, P-O (who has a black belt in judo) gave some judo lessons to the kids and staff of the school. He brought many of the materials needed for the judo training and the kids and staff used them in their practice. Before the commencement of the training, P-O taught the participants some vocabulary, gave the history of judo, explained some basic rules and the philosophy behind the martial art called judo.

Students, staff, parents and community residents came around to watch the judo training, which took place on the school campus.  All, including the watchers, enjoyed it.

It was the very first time for the kids and the staff to have had such an experience. Many thanks to P-O for making our school have that first-time experience.

A trainee showing his newly learned skill

A trainee showing his newly learned skill

Gowning of P-O

As part of  the second day’s indoor activities, the school gowned P-O (put on him an African shirt, as it is usually traditionally done for foreign guests coming to the country) and gave him a Bassa name known as “Gar-mon-gar,” meaning: man is man.

P-O then expressed gratitude to the school and promised to always think about the school and help in whatever way he can. “I have had great time in Buchanan. You all have touched my heart and I will always think about you. The kids are special. The staff is special. I will always have you all in mind and help where I can. I will also tell other Swedish friends about the work you are doing with the kids in the school,” he said.

Anders and students walking to the future site

Anders and students walking to the future site

Visit to Future Site

At the end of the activities on campus on the second day, the guests decided to visit the school’s future home, which is located about twenty minutes’ walk from the current campus. They were all excited to have seen the huge land, which is strategically located – on the main road of a place called Bassa Community. They were shown the cornerstones of the land, and they all expressed their desire to help the school build a structure on the new site.

“Paul, this is a very good place. I like the trees all around. Do not cut them down. The place is really great. We can help to build a school here for the kids,” remarked Anders.

Students eating outside

Students eating outside

Money for Food

Before their departure from Buchanan, our guests donated US$100 to the school, saying the money should be used to cook for the kids, which we did. We are grateful to them for the financial assistance that helped the kids to eat soup and rice for days.

View more photos below (click on a photo to see a larger version).

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