Urgent Fundraising Appeal for New Annex

The school needs to raise around US$ 1,500. Can you help?

As you may already be aware, the school, having operated at the kindergarten and primary levels since its establishment in 2005, has decided to start junior high (middle school) classes this year. In other words, it will add Grade Seven – the first class of the junior high division – this September.
A cross-section of the kids and the staff on the first day of school

Children and staff outside the school

However, to do this, the school needs to build a one-classroom annex to accommodate the newly created grade level. This annex has to be built before September 1, but the school does not have the money to do this. The total cost of the annex project is around US$ 1,500.

We are therefore sending out this S-O-S appeal to all of our friends, sponsors and partners out there to please help us raise this amount. The amount, when raised, will go towards the following:

Item                                                              Amount (in US$)

15 bags of cement @ $10.00   ——————————-   150
1 small load of sand @ $75   ———————————–   75
3 bundles of zinc @ $135   ———————————–   405
20 round poles @ $1.10   ————————————–   22
20 pieces of 2-by-4-by-14 planks @ $3.25   ———–   65
15 pieces of 1-by-3-by-14 planks @ $3   —————-   45
15 pieces of 2-by-2-by-14 planks @ $1.65   ———–   25
25 packs of wire nails @ $0.50   ————————–   12.5
3 packs of zinc nails@ $13   ———————————   39
30 pieces of mats @ $3   ————————————–   90
15 chairs @ $15   ————————————————   225
Transportation   ————————————————–   50
Workmanship   ————————————————-   250

TOTAL REQUIRED   ——————————-   1453.50

Please help us raise this amount before the 10th of August, as we wish to start and complete the construction before classes can begin on September 1.

You may send your donation using the school’s PayPal account that is controlled by Lena and Anders in Sweden.

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