Preliminary Update on Annex Project Fundraising

Dear friends and supporters of the school, we all started a fundraising exercise for the construction of an annex to accommodate the newly added seventh-grade classroom for the impending academic year.

K-3 children

Children in class

Well, at this juncture, we wish to provide you with this preliminary information, which is for the period between the time we launched the fundraising exercise (July 28) and August 11.

During the period under review, a total of $800 was raised from six (6) persons. Those who donated to the project during that time were Pepperadventure AB, Anders Marner, Fredrik Hulten, Mary Smith, Lena Marner, and Tauno Silander.

However, from this amount, a total of $30.60 was deducted as service charges. This means, the balance on hand at that time was $769.40. The fund is still with our Swedish friends.

Many thanks to all those who contributed up to August 11. We will provide you with another update in a few days.

Note: Information contained in this update was sent by Lena and Anders, our Swedish friends who are in charge of the PayPal account.

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