Fundraising Update Soon

Dear friends, donors, and sponsors of Help Liberia Foundation Community School, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you all for the contributions you have been able to make thus far toward the lease renewal of the building we are using for the operation of the school in Buchanan.

Students in line during morning devotion at the school

We wish to inform you that we will provide an update on the fundraising at the end of this month so that you can know the exact amount that has been collected thus far.

Once again, many thanks for your willingness to help the kids in this manner.

Donate through PayPal

You may continue to send donations through our PayPal account which is run by Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden who will pass all donations on to us. If you would prefer to send money directly to the school’s bank account or through Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.

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