S-O-S Call! Urgent Fundraising for School Rent

The five-year lease agreement on the building we are operating the school in will expire in just over two months – to be specific, at the end of December.

Children outside the school

Children outside the school

The current agreement was entered into at the end of December 2012, when there was an urgent need to pay the rent because the landlord was tormenting the school for the payment, with threat of eviction. 

Donate using PayPal

We are in such a situation again. As we approach the end of the current lease agreement, the landlords have already increased the rent to US$50 per mouth, and we would like to pay for at least three (3) years, which would be US$600 per year and US$1,800 for the three years.

Children in class

Children in class

We are therefore appealing to all of our friends, supporters and sponsors to please come to our aid so that the school cannot be evicted. If we fail to renew the contract in a reasonable time, the landlord will throw us out of the building, which will be a serious embarrassment for us, and will leave our kids with nowhere to learn.

As we send out this S-O-S call, any assistance anyone renders will be greatly appreciated. Please help us keep the children in school.

Donate through PayPal

The easiest way to donate to this appeal is through our PayPal account which is run by Lena and Anders Marner in Sweden who will pass all donations on to us. If you would prefer to send money directly to the school’s bank account or through Western Union or MoneyGram, please get in contact.

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