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European Guests Visit HLF School

On Monday, November 12, 2018, nine of the ten European guests, including some regular sponsors of the school, visited the campus to interact with students, staffers, and parents.

The guests posing behind the gifts

The visitors were headed by Lena Marner. Among the nine guests were seven Swedish, one Norwegian, and one Danish. A special program in honor of the guests was held, with students performing various activities to the delight of the guests, as well as parents who attended.

School choir singing during the program

It is worth noting that the visitors brought several, various gifts for the school and the kids, and the gifts included jerseys for our boys’ and the girls’ teams, footballs and various sporting items, games, instructional materials, books, food (rice), and many other items.

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The nine persons who visited the school were as follows:

1. Lena Marner
2. Gunnar Hammarström (husband of Anneli)
3. Anneli Hammarström (wife of Gunnar)
4. Liselott Larsson
5. Charlotte Larsson (Danish)
6. Emilie Ekengren
7. Kaisa Ellström
8. Mona Soerensen (Norwegian)
9. Lenita Björk

We are grateful to the guests for their visit and for the many gifts they brought for the school and the kids.


Ten Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Guests Arrive in Liberia

Ten guests from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway are in Liberia, and they will visit our school tomorrow, Monday, November 12, 2018.

Eight of the visitors, along with Paul, at the Elizabeth Village and Resort

Eight of the visitors, along with Paul, at the Elizabeth Village and Resort

The visitors, who arrived in Buchanan on Friday, November 9, are headed by the school’s International Contact Person, Mrs. Lena Marner who makes a trip to Liberia at least once every year.

Visitors, along with Paul, at the Elizabeth Village and Resort

Visitors, along with Paul, at the Elizabeth Village and Resort

Those on the trip are as follows;

  1. Gunnar and Hammarström
  2. Anneli Hammarström
  3. Liselott Larsson
  4. Charlotte Larsson
  5. Emilie Ekengren
  6. Kaisa Ellström
  7. Klas
  8. Mona
  9. Lenita Björk

The Director of the School, Paul Yeenie Harry, and the guests had an acquaintance meeting at Elizabeth Village & Resort this morning.

Everyone – including students, teachers, parents and residents of the community – is excited about the visit and looks forward to interacting with the visitors on Monday. We are all grateful to them for including visit to our school into their plans.

They Need Your Help – Please Sponsor a Child at our School

Scores of needy kids in our school in Buchanan are in dire need of sponsorship from individuals and institutions of goodwill to enable them stay in school.

Chilldren at school 7

Our school caters to underprivileged kids, but for us to be able to continue to help them, you good individuals and institutions need to choose at least a child to sponsor. They need your help!

Chilldren at school 6

We used to post kids’ pictures and their profiles on the website under the section “Sponsor a Student,” but we have decided not to because, in most instances, when the children are placed there it takes time for them to be picked/selected and, when someone finally does, it is discovered that the child has already left the school for some reason.

Chilldren at school 5

So, for now, if you are interested in sponsoring a child – and we would like for all of the children to be sponsored by individuals or institutions – we would like you to kindly do the following:

  1. Indicate the sex of the child you want to sponsor;
  2. Indicate the age of the child;
  3. Indicate the class/grade of the child;
  4. Indicate the parental condition of the child – fatherless, motherless, etc
  5. Indicate the living condition of the child; and
  6. Etc

Chilldren at school 4

Once you do this, we will select a child for you to support. Remember these kids need your help.

Will you make the decision to support a child today? Your support could give them a better future.

It’s just US$7 per month. Help a needy child today!

Chilldren at school 2

Chilldren at school 1

Chilldren at school 3

Additional Desks Fixed for Kids

Help Liberia Foundation Community School, our school located in Buchanan City, has fixed additional fifteen (15) desks for the kids attending it.

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The fixing of the additional desks is in fulfilment of our desire to provide seats for all of the students in our school vis-à-vis the huge influx of kids into the school this academic year.

We are especially grateful to our Swedish friends and sponsors who are helping us through the effort of Lena and Anders to help these kids get a better future.


HLF School Fixes New Desks for Kids

The Help Liberia Foundation Community School in Buchanan has fixed new desks for the use of the kids.

Kids sitting on the desks 2

Kids sitting at the new desks

A total of fifteen (15) new desks at the cost of US$15 per desk were fixed for the kids last week. The fixing of the desks came as a result of the shortage of seats vis-à-vis the influx of kids this school year.

Some kids standing in front of the desks

Some kids standing in front of the desks

At present, there are nearly one hundred forty (140) kids in the school, which is more than what we have had in recent years.

Some kids standing in front of the desks 2

Some kids standing in front of the desks

In spite of the fifteen new desks, we still need to purchase additional ten to fifteen desks, as the desks are not enough for the kids. In some cases, there are more kids sharing one desk than required.

Kids sitting on the desks

Kids sitting at the new desks

If you would like to help, you can donate using PayPal here. If you would prefer to send money using a different method, please contact us.

Kids sitting on the desks upon arrival

Kids sitting at the new desks

Again, we would like to thank all those who are helping us to help these needy kids.

A display of the desks

A display of the desks